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Top 10 tips for saving money

If one thing’s for sure, it’s that we could all benefit from saving a few pennies and making our money stretch as far as possible.

But the best bit is that saving money doesn’t have to be a big hardship, and you don’t have to drastically change your lifestyle to start reaping the benefits. As the saying goes, ‘it’s the little things that make the difference’, and they really do, you just need to think outside the box!

We’re sharing our top 10 tips to help you save money in your household, to ease the pressure a little.

1. Cancel TV subscriptions

You might not like to hear this, but you could consider cancelling your Sky Sports package? You can cancel or pause it really easily via the My Sky app.

If you can’t part with your beloved Sky Sports, are there any other TV subscriptions you could take a break from. Do you really need Netflix, Disney Plus and AmazonPrime?

2. Freeze gym membership

Did you know you can freeze most gym memberships if you want to take a break fora while, or if you’re going on holiday? It’s worth enquiring about as it can help your money stretch a bit further, rather than wasting it if you’re actually using the membership right now. 

If you’re cancelling your membership to save money, then don’t worry. This doesn’t mean you can’t still keep fit and active. YouTube has some great home workouts, and try to make use of things you have around the house rather than splashing out on expensive equipment. 

3. Supermarkets own brands - don’t diss them till you try them!

Whilst you might be the biggest lover of Heinz, it’s time to give the supermarkets own brand a go – and you never know, you might be pleasantly surprised. You could even have a bit of fun with it and do a blindfolded taste test and see if you can catch each other out!

4. Ditch the car

Challenge yourself to seek out any opportunity to stretch your legs and get walking. Leave the car at home and walk to the shops instead. Carrying your shopping bags back will definitely get the heart rate up – who needs dumbbells, eh?

5. Review your subscriptions

Make a list of all the subscriptions you pay out each month. Obviously there will be ones that you have to keep, but put a mark next to the ones that are ‘nice to haves’. Question whether you really need that magazine subscription to Ideal Homes right now?

6. Get savvy with food

An average household wastes around £500 a year on food and drink*. This is a huge amount of money that we’d all rather have in our own pockets right now, so let’s do something about it.

Meal plan

Only buy the ingredients that you need to cook your planned meals for the week or fortnight. This should cut down on a considerable amount of waste straight away.

Batch cooking

Cook big batches and freeze portions. This is great if you have veg or meat that needs to be used up, and is also really convenient for those days when you can’t be bothered to cook anything – just go to your freezer and take out a portion for that day.

Buy frozen

If you have the freezer space, try to opt for as much frozen fruit and veg as possible. They’re just as nutritious as fresh, but will last much longer – did you know you can buy frozen, and ready chopped, peppers, onion, spinach?

7. Grow own vegetables and herbs

Although this isn’t a quick win, growing your own vegetables and herbs in your back garden is incredibly satisfying. There’s nothing quite like sitting down to eat a meal that you’ve grown with your own two hands! It’s also nice to get the kids involved, and can be educational too.

8. Save money on energy bills

It’s easy to stick with the same provider and not realise that there are cheaper deals to be had. But with Look After My Bills, it’s really quick and easy to see if you could save money by switching your energy providers.

9. New love for old clothes

Rather than buying new clothes, reignite your love for old clothes that you’ve forgotten about. Dig deep to the back of your wardrobe and experiment with new styles. Get creative, try bright colours, clashing patterns, the lot! No one’s going to judge you in the comfort of your own home and it can feel quite liberating.

10. Cashback credit card rewards

If you use a credit card regularly, and responsibly, it’s worth getting one that you can earn cash back rewards on, as this is essentially free money for using their credit cards, so why not?

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